‘Bury my books with me’ – OAU student who committed suicide


The last note by Dipo Ige, the 400l law student of Obafemi Awolowo University, who committed suicide last Monday (Read it here), was that his books should be buried with him, Punch reports.

Ige was buried yesterday Sunday March 9th at his hometown in Iree, Osun State.

Punch reports that in his suicide note which they obtained, Ige asked that his girlfriend should not be blamed for his death. Friends of Ige had earlier said he committed suicide because the lady dumped him.

Part of the note read, “As I plan to end my life, please bury my books with me. My reason for this action is best known to me. Please don’t blame my girlfriend (name withheld). She knows nothing about this. Share my properties accordingly to…”

Fresh facts, however, emerged on Sunday that Ige sent a message to his mum before his action. It was learnt that due to network problem, the message did not get to his mum until over an hour after it was sent.

A close friend to Ige, who pleaded anonymity narrated, “That day about 9pm, Ige sent a text message to his mum. He told her to come to Ile-Ife immediately, adding that any delay could mean that the mum would meet him dead.

“When she eventually got the message around 10pm, she immediately alerted his close friend, Bola Okiji, to check on him. Unfortunately, Okiji was not in Ile-Ife, he was at Ilesha.

“The mum sent another lady living close to him to check him. The lady met Ige’s door locked. She peeped through the key hole and saw Ige, who appeared lifeless. She screamed, broke the door and raised the alarm, which attracted the neighbours.”

However, Okiji insisted that his friend hung himself because of “academics love.” 

He said Ige was a brilliant student in second class upper grade before his death.

Source: Punch


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