Was it a terrorist attack? Malaysian plane has still not been found



How does a plane full of people disappear without any trace? The Malaysian Airlines flight MH307 that vanished off the coast of Vietnam two hours after taking off at Kuala Lumpur airport with 239 people on board has still not been found and now there are fears that the plane may have been taken down by terrorists because nothing else makes sense, the weather was great, the pilots were experienced, the plane was new, there was no distress call and now it’s been discovered that 4 people on the flight traveled on passport stolen in Thailand and the tickets they used were bought through a Chinese airline. One passport was registered to an Italian and another to an Austrian.

Malaysian security officials say they have footage of 2 passengers traveling on those stolen passports as they made their way through the airport to the aircraft. They now are investigating these men.

Chief of the Malaysian Air Force said that radar indicated the missing plane may have turned back before it crashed. And although no crash scene has been found, Vietnamese air force have spotted two oil slicks in the South China sea suspected to be from wreckage. See the photos after the cut…





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