Fantasy Baseball Preview: Shortstop

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

By Tony Meale

In our Fantasy Baseball Preview, CBS Local Sports breaks down the top players at each position for your fantasy baseball draft.

1B | 2B | SS | 3B | OF | SP | C | RP | Sleepers/Busts

Position Overview

Shortstop might be the most Jekyll-and-Hyde position in all of fantasy ? regardless of sport. Take a look at this list, and you?ll probably find a half dozen names that a large contingent of fantasy players love and a large contingent that fantasy players hate.

Why? Inconsistency, injury history, unfulfilled promise and differing takes on whether or not ?this will finally be the year.?

Here?s a look at top fantasy shortstops heading into 2014 ? in the order in which I would draft them.

The Top 12

1) Hanley Ramirez, Los Angeles Dodgers

Wanna hear something crazy? Last year, Hanley Ramirez finished third among shortstops in…

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